A Beginner’s guide to the Acesigns Cork 20 International Rally 2015

So for the benefit of anyone who is not a dyed in the wool rally addict, we’ve put together a short synopsis of what marvels lie in store for us all over the weekend of the Acesigns Cork 20 International Rally 2015, and some tips on how to get the best out of the event.

Title Sponsor : Acesigns Ltd, Cork city
Associate sponsor, Service area Host : Fermoy Enterprise Board and the town of Fermoy
Associate sponsor, Rally Headquarters : Radisson Blu Hotel
Scrutiny / Parc Ferme : Little Island
Service Area : Fermoy Old Mart Complex

Rally programmes
For anyone wanting to come and spectate or otherwise take a gander at the Cork 20 Rally, we’d strongly recommend that you buy one of the official programs, which includes official stage maps, rally articles, interview with competitors, entry lists, schedule of events and much more. It’s a must if you want to get the best out of the your experience over the weekend. Priced at a very reasonable Ten Euros, and available at stockists throughout County Cork and surrounding areas.

A list of programme stockists will published as soon as they are printed and heading out to the shops (won’t be long now)

Fermoy Rally Festival
Now, the town of Fermoy, North Cork is hosting the service area for the entire rally, and this is located down in the Old Mart carpark. Fermoy have really embraced the idea of the rally, and have put together a full calendar of family friendly events with something for every member of the family, rally fans or not.

Fermoy Rally Festival Events Programme

Service Area : Fermoy Old Mart Complex

Mind yourselves now……
For those people lucky enough to get to go out to watch some of the action on the stages, we just want to remind you all that we’re all out to enjoy ourselves for the weekend, and we’ll consider the rally a true success if everyone comes home excited, happy and in one piece…..
So please, remember that this is a rally, the cars will be travelling really fast, and the last place you want to be is in front of one of them…..
Make sure that you stay OFF the stage when it is running, and be very careful of any traffic before and after the stage has run.
Please avoid entering any areas marked as “forbidden”, or taped off, and also be respectful of any residents on the stage and their property.
You’ll see that there will be a number of Marshall’s at strategic locations along the stage.
They are there for your safety and to ensure the smooth running of the rally, they are all volunteers and have given their time up for free. They have a difficult job to do, so please be nice to them, and obey their instructions. Please remember to keep an eye out at all times, and try not to put yourself or anyone with you in any danger. And if you have young children with you, please be extra vigilant, their safety is really in your hands…… BE SAFE!!!!!!

Spectating at rallies requires you to take care on stages. WRC stars in this video explain why it is so important.

Rally results
Once the first stage has run, the live results will be switched on and will be kept updated through the weekend until the results are declared FINAL at the end of the rally.

The Acesigns Cork 20 International Rally 2015, what’s going to be happening….
Now, the rally side of things really kicks off with the pre-event scrutiny….
Oct. 2nd 2015: Mechanical Scrutiny, Eastgate Business Park, Little Island 14.00 – 19.00

Scrutiny / Parc Ferme

In order to be safe to compete, the rally cars are inspected by Motorsport Ireland Scrutineer’s, to make sure that they are in tip-top mechanical condition, and to ensure that they are equipped with the obligatory set of safety gear. The cars also have to comply with the rules for their class, and are checked to make sure that no shenanigans are afoot.
The driver and co-drivers safety gear (fireproof clothing, HANS device, helmets etc.) are also checked at the same time. Once everything is deemed to be OK, the car is driven into “Parc Ferme”, a secure overnight storage, and the Driver and Co-Driver will head across to the Radisson Blu to complete the sign-on paperwork. But, if there are problems, the team have to quickly try and fix the issues and get back in the queue…..

Radisson Blu Hotel, Rally Headquarters

Scrutiny is a great spectacle, and a chance to have a good close up look at the rally cars, and maybe have a word with the competing teams.

The team running the rally will be tucked away in the Rally Office at the Radisson Blu Rally Headquarters, the team will ensure the smooth running of the rally, gather, collate and publish results as the weekend goes on, deal with any emergencies, and basically keep everything ticking away like a high precision swiss watch….. we hope….

Oct. 2nd 2015: Ceremonial Start, Fermoy Town square, Friday Evening 20.30
A selection of rally cars will attend the ceremonial start in Fermoy Town square at eight-thirty

Fermoy Town Square

Oct. 3rd 2015: Competitors Safety Briefing, Rally HQ (Radisson Blu Hotel) 07.15
A safety briefing is held before every rally to ensure that all competitors are briefed about any hazards, weather conditions, changes to the rally route or anything else out of the ordinary. There may also be additional guest speakers drawn from the sponsors, local dignitaries, and the Guards.
Once the briefing is completed, the crews will head to “Parc Ferme”, and get themselves and the cars ready to go, with the first car heading out at 8AM to head for service in Fermoy. The cars will leave at 30 second intervals until they are all out on the road. A quick 15 minute service in Fermoy, and onto the start in the Town Square.

Oct. 3rd 2015: Rally Start – Fermoy Town Square 09.00
Over the start ramp in Fermoy town square, and onto the first stage, Special Stage 1 (SS1), approx. twenty minutes later.

Fermoy Town Square

Special Stages : Cork County through the 2 days
A Special Stage is a flat out adrenaline fuel high speed charge on closed tarmac roads against the clock and more importantly against your competition’s time. Each Special Stage is held on a defined route, which is closed to both pedestrians and other traffic while the stage is running. When the stage is “live”, for your own and other peoples safety, please do not enter any “forbidden areas” (which will be clearly marked off), do not traverse the stage, and please remember to follow the marshall’s instructions. Your safety is our priority, so please make sure that you keep out of any potentially hazardous areas. So please, please , please keep yourself and any friends or family with you safe, and enjoy the spectacle as the cars race past.

Oct. 3rd 2015: Service: Fermoy Old Mart

Service Area : Fermoy Old Mart Complex

Through the day, the cars then run 8 Special Stages (SS1 – SS8), and there are a total of 4 services, after each loop of 2 stages. The services are used by the team to change tyres, fix faults, fuel up and otherwise keep the rallycars on the road for the next loop. And maybe get 5 mins for a cup of tea, and a ham sandwich.

The service area is located in the Old Mart in Fermoy Town centre, and we’d recommend you pay a visit at least once to view the drama and spectacle that Service so often can be. A great chance to see “under the hood”, and a chance to chat with the teams and find out whats going on.

After the last stage, the cars will start heading back to Parc Ferme, with the first cars expected back sometime just after 6PM.

Oct. 4rd 2015: Rally Start – Second day
First cars will head out of Parc Ferme just after 9AM, and out to Fermoy for a service before another days rallying.
Sunday has a slightly different format, we have a service again in the Old Mart, then 3 Special Stages SS9/10/11, back in for a mid day service, out again for the final 3 stages SS12/13/14, and in for the very last service.

Oct. 4rd 2015: Rally finish

Rally finish @ Rally Headquarters : Radisson Blu Hotel

The cars will head back through the Ceremonial Arch in Fermoy Town square and for quick interviews with the media, and then back down to the finish ramp at the Radisson Blu hotel at Little Island. First cars should be back close to 5PM.
Finally into Parc ferme, and wait for the results to be declared final. Provisional Results should be available 60 minutes after finish time of last car.

Oct. 4rd 2015: Rally Prize Giving Ceremony Rally H.Q. 19.30, Rally headquarters (approx.)
The prize giving ceremony for the rally will be held in the Radisson Blu Hotel. Little Island Cork at approx. 7.30PM. And then the post rally party will begin.

Oct. 5th 2015: It’s all over….
Time to load the cars and head home to get them ready for Cork 20 2016, after all, we only have 364 days to go…