Abbey Hotel Moonraker 2016 : Positive comments about the stages

Whilst making the notes for the Abbey Hotel Moonraker Rally 2016 the following are comments referred back to the organising committee from the companies making the notes.

Michael Patterson of Patterson Safety Notes

The Moonraker Forestry stages are in outstanding condition. The high level of maintainance that the wind farm operations demand means the roads are in great shape. Add in the fact they have great character due to their location, the rally offers everything from high speed fast following sections contrasting with some more technical uphill and downhill elements. Overall the Moonraker offers one of the better opportunities to sample Irish forestry rallying.

Killan Duffy of ‘On the Pace Notes’.

I would say the Moonraker stages are some of the best that I have ever seen in this country, and they are on a par with many of the Rally GB’s classic stages. The stages could not be in better condition. Some sections are the same as 2015 and all of these sections are in even better condition than last year.

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